Dylan Rooke: about the artist

 As a Cultural Worker, I am always building a diversity of ways to communicate, cultivate, and curate what i find to be valuable, beautiful and in need of sharing. I believe that art is a tool in the hard work of creating culture – we can learn from the past, engage the present, and build the future in simple, small and seemingly unknowing ways that slowly work into our shared lives.

Communication: Design comes down to simple communication. I don’t want to buy into the mass-market practice of using design to manipulate consumers into materialist cogs to fuel the ever-growing corporate machine, but i do want to participate in the clear process of artful articulation to bring good products and ideas to people who find use in their value. This is why most of my clients tend to be small, local business’ and organizations, usually committed to practicing ethical standards of commerce and cooperation.

Cultivation: The process of creation is vital to our human experience, it is at the core of what it means to love and engage the world around us. I am inspired by stories of the common and ordinary, the failures and success’ of regular working folk. Beauty is not always extravagant, in fact, i find it seldom is; I find it many times in the grit and grind of everyday – in the rebuilding of what was once ruined, to find life always regenerating itself.

Curation: We are affected in so many ways we don’t always realize – by what we see, hear and touch – in the spaces we work & live. Shaping these spaces and the things we use in our everyday experience to be a part of the creative inspiration is integral to my design process. Simplicity and sustainability are core values to which i try and live into the best i can in life & work – if it can be made durable, yet simple and with ethically sourced, recycled or re-purposed materials, all the better.